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Welcome, please note this server is a work in progress, and any constructive ideas will be considered.We are striving to maintain a family orientated server.

1) World Chat to be kept at PG12 level, we request that faction leaders, also keep to this rule in their faction chat. You may say whatever you wish in whisper, private messages etc. in the case of any dispute the GM's word/decision is final.

2) When making a Donation inform a GM. So we can process your order as soon as possible

3) The GM's will not tolerate sexual harassment, drama, scamming, racial discrimination or any thing that causes distress in World Chat. ENGLISH must be spoken in world chat, and to GM's. Factions can choose their faction languages(s). In the case of whispered threats, or harassments that occur when a GM is not present, then Screenshot proof is required.

4) Act according to common sense. Respect other forum users and be polite. Do not insult, do not spam, don't post inappropriate content. Make sure that your forum messages are always related to the topic.

5) No advertisements, with exceptions that players can advertise their own work.

6) No giving out personal / sensitive information under any circumstance in game or via these forums.

7) Do not question a staff members action at anytime whatsoever no matter how much you feel they are wrong. If you have problems with a staff member, don't post it on the forums or complain about it in world chat or normal chat. If you cannot settle the matter in whisper to said GM then send all complaints against the Staff Member to Admin.

8) Making new forum accounts to escape punishment is not tolerated, and 2x higher penalty for each such offense, will be applied.

Important notes
Punishments above are only default penalties. Since every case is different, penalties can vary depending on offense.

If player is continuously breaking same rule despite previous punishments, his penalty length will keep accumulating.

If player keeps breaking this rule on different characters, the consequences will still be accumulated.

Warnings do not have to be PM'd. If there is a world chat infraction, a warning may be given via world chat. It's not mandatory for Staff member to warn player depending on the situation.<br><br>
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